Addictions Recovery Ministry
The Addictions Recovery Ministry is a specialized ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana as well as a local affiliate of the Recovery Ministries of the National Episcopal Church.  This ministry reaches out on behalf of the Church to welcome recovering people into the Episcopal community and also helps recovering Episcopalians find a home within the organized Church.  The Recovery Ministry works within the diocese to provide education, guidance and support for families and parishes struggling with, or wishing to learn more about, addiction.  The term "addiction" includes a relationship with any activity or substance which interferes with healthy functioning - alcohol, drugs, relationships, sex, work, gambling or food for example.  Currently we offer Celebration of Life in Recovery events in parishes throughout the diocese, a Women's Recovery Weekend in January, and our annual Mixed Recovery Weekend in August for both men and women at the Episcopal Conference Center in Robert, Louisiana, all of which allow a variety of people to come together as Christians in twelve-step recovery.  All events are open to all people in, or wanting to be in, recovery from an addiction.  Our desire is not to be dogmatic or exclude anyone in their spiritual search but to live out the acceptance and love taught by Jesus. 

Short Version:
The Addictions Recovery Ministry of the Department of Specialized Ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana is a twelve-step recovery outreach ministry which welcomes recovering people into a Christian community and serves our church family as resource and support for those suffering from or affected by addictions.

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